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Green with Envy – The Beauty of Limes

GreeMargarita on Flag of Mexicon with Envy – The Beauty of Limes

Limes….not just for cocktails anymore!  Limes are a refreshing summertime treat, used in gin & tonics, margaritas, and Mexican beer.  But what about spa treatments?  If there’s citrus on the menu it’s usually standard lemon, orange, or grapefruit.   Limes however, can bring you great benefits so get ready to refresh yourself all over.

Limes contain even more antioxidant properties than their citrus cousins.  Remember your history, limes were eaten MP900387874[1]onboard ships to prevent scurvy because they offer twice the Vitamin C of lemons!  Limes can naturally lighten, brighten, exfoliate and purify skin, as well as nourish and tone.  They have astringent properties which can be helpful for oily or acneic skin issues too.

As an added benefit, the scent of lime can energize and rejuvenate your mood.  Lime provides clarity not only physically, but mentally as well.  It is uplifting, cheerful, mood enhancing, and may have anti-depressant properties.  So if you’re looking for a brighter complexion, to clarify breakout prone skin and to rejuvenate your mind and body, look to limes for your answer.

Some of my favorite lime spa treatments are Theravine™’s Crushed Pinotage Honey & Lime Buff exfoliating scrub.  I can’t get enough of the scent, it is the most delicious and intoxicating scrub I have ever experienced.  It’s refreshing and a true mood enhancer while exfoliating my skin and making me soft and smooth all over.

t521_NIF gentle_foaming_cleanserAlso in the zesty lime range is Theravine’s™ Gentle Foaming Cleanser.  This cleanser is sure to put a smile on your face each and everytime you use it.  It will help your problem skin and help you face the day ahead.  Limes, not just for cocktails!


Healthy Skin Care Tips to Protect Your Skin

As you grow older your skin becomes thinner and gets wrinkles. As you get busy in your life you do not get time to take care of your skin. The end result: your skin leaves the glow you had when you were born. Your skin care problems can be reduced if you avoid going out in sun, wash your face gently and apply moisturizer regularly.

Protect your skin from sun. Ultraviolet rays of sun can damage your skin resulting in wrinkles, liver spots, rough skin and serious issues like cancerous and non cancerous skin tumors. To protect your skin from sun try using sunscreen lotion, wear protective clothing and avoid sun during high intensity hours. Protect your skin from sun’s rays so avoid going out from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wear long sleeved shirts, long pants and wide hats. Certain clothing styles and fabrics can also protect your skin. Try wearing long sleeve shirts instead of short sleeve shirts. Wear denim fabric rather than knit fabric. Nowadays many companies design SPF clothing which will protect your skin from sun’s rays. Apply SPF 15 at least 20 minutes before you go outdoors.

Smoking can increase wrinkles on your face. Smoking can reduce blood flow, oxygen of skin and vitamin A that are important for skin glow. All these factors can harm to the elastic fabrics and collagen, which gives your skin strength and elasticity.

Avoid hot water while washing your skin. Instead use warm water. Hot water and long showers can remove oil from your skin. Take a bath only for 15 minutes or less. Avoid using strong soaps as it may leave your skin dry. Instead use mild soaps like Dove, Vanicream, Cetaphil and Purpose. If you have a sensitive skin, don’t use perfumes or dyes. These can cause allergy to your skin. When you’re removing eye make up use soft sponge, cotton cloth or cotton balls to avoid the damage that happen to delicate issues around the eyes. After taking a bath, pat your skin with a dry towel, so that moisture remains on your skin.

Moisturizers are very helpful for your skin. These avoid water from escaping or by slowly releasing water into your skin. The moisturizer that is best for you depends on your skin type, your age and do you have acne. A good way to test if you need a moisturizer is to wait 20 minutes after bathing. If you feel your skin is tight, your skin needs a moisturizer. Apply SPF 15 to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays. If you have sensitive skin, avoid products that have heavy dyes, perfumes or other additives. If your skin is very dry, apply baby oil. If you have an oily skin, avoid moisturizers.

Shaving is an inexpensive way of removing unwanted hair. For a smooth shave you should take care of certain things: Before shaving press a warm wash cloth on your skin to soften the hair. Or shave after a warm bath or shower. To remove the hair, use a clean, sharp razor. Shave in the direction of hair growth, not against it. After the whole thing is over, rinse your skin with warm water. If irritation still occurs, use a lotion that has ethyl or isopropyl alcohol.

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