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Dolphin Magic or Magic Dolphins:

Did you know dolphins have almost magical healing powers?  They have the ability to heal their skin, extremely quickly, without pain, scars and infection. Large bites over a foot in length from shark attacks healed miraculously in just weeks.  According to Michael Zasloff in the July 21, 2011 issue of the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, “It should awe us. You have an animal that has evolved in the ocean without hands or legs, which swims faster than we can, has intelligence that perhaps equals our social and emotional complexity, and its healing is almost alien compared to what we are capable of.”

Stem cells may be the answer to the regenerative magic of the dolphins and could possibly help humans once we understand the dolphin healing process better.  Dolphins may also have the ability to produce antibacterial and analgesic proteins which might be an asset for humans, hopefully being non-addictive since they are naturally occurring.

When Zasloff, a surgeon and researcher atGeorgetownUniversity, visited a marine lab inScotlandalmost 10 years ago he was told that 75% of the dolphins swimming off theAustraliacoast had survived shark attacks.  This statistic seemed unimaginable and yet at the same time intriguing to the surgeon.  When sharks bite, they leave toxic organisms that in humans require antibiotics to ward off infections.  But dolphins seem immune to these organisms.

Dr. Zasloff is not new to the healing powers of animals.  In the late 1980’s while working at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD he discovered two natural antibiotics found in frogs’ skin that kills fungi, parasites and bacteria.  He later went on to discover a chemical in sharks called sqalamine which

could be used to fight infectious viruses like dengue and yellow fever, as well as hepatitis A, B and D.

Recently Dr. Zasloff resurrected the magical dolphin healing theory.  At Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort onMoretonIslandinAustraliawhere the dolphins are wild and freely come to visit daily, he observed the fact that dolphins don’t merely recover from shark attacks, they actually regenerate blubber, heal as if nothing happened and leave no scar behind as a reminder of the wound.

Dr. Zasloff’s theories have come to pass before, and if anyone can gain insight into the healing powers of dolphin skin, it would be Dr. Zasloff.  His theory at the moment is that dolphins may somehow be able to produce blank stem cells that can take on the characteristic of whatever cells they need. Maybe a growth hormone is involved in this stem cell regeneration.  Maybe some day this concept could work for human cell regeneration.   So remember, dolphins may hold the stem cell miracle cure many of us are seeking.

Many thanks to Dr. Zasloff and his insight into the healing powers of animals….


Save the Dolphins?

Dolphins are increasingly exposed to toxins in our oceans from oil spills, pollution that runs off our land and plastic garbage like water bottles that breakdown just like sand and shells, then get eaten by sea life.  Dolphins are also caught in fishing nets and many drown because they are unable to surface to breathe.  But a majority of dolphins are killed just to trap a few for aquariums and marine parks.  In fact thousands of dolphins are killed in that process.  However, Dolphins aren’t pets and here’s the problem:

In the wild dolphins and whales:

  • Travel long distances for fun and food
  • Are always in motion, even when resting
  • Are among the fastest animals in the sea
  • Are able to dive deeply
  • Live in complex societies (similar to life at school or at home)
  • Can choose their friends and who and when they want to hang out
  • Are intelligent and can solve problems
  • They teach and learn things from their elders and each other
  • Can communicate with each other

In captivity dolphins and whales:

  • Lose their freedom and choice
  • Have to food that is given to them by humans, many times dead fish
  • Are exposed to unusual noises and strange smells
  • Are penned up with other unfamiliar captive animals
  • May suffer bullying from other pool mates
  • Suffer from stress and depression
  • Can become aggressive
  • Have a shorter life span

The trouble with tanks:

  • Any tank is small and cramped compared to the open ocean
  • Chemically-treated water effects dolphins’ sensitive skin, causing wounds that don’t heal. (See my previous blog on The Magic Dolphins or Dolphin Magic – why would this be?)
  • Chemically-treated water may means no live fish or plants inside, leaving the
  • Tank bare with no mental stimulation

Sea pens also have problems:

  • Many are close to pollution sources
  • May be set in very shallow water, where the dolphins  become hot in the sun
  • Man-made noise from boats can be a constant disturbance
  • They can lead to the destruction of coral reefs and other coastal habitats

Imagine if this happened to you – it’s worse than being put in prison.  You’re taken away from your friends and family with no one to talk to.  You are isolated and all your freedom is taken away.  Would you want to live?  This is why many dolphins make a conscious choice and will themselves to die in captivity.  This is exactly what happened to our beloved “Flipper” who died in the arms of the person who made “Flipper” famous because she no longer wanted to live in captivity.

We have so much to learn from dolphins, both medicinally and socially.  We need to preserve these creatures and leave them in their natural habitat.  Won’t you please become a dolphin expert and help us?

  • Do visit aquariums, marine parks and eco resorts that are whale and dolphin free, such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Avoid any facility that holds dolphins in captivity.
  • Watch dolphins in the wild, from the shore, from whale and dolphin watching cruises, etc.
  • Only swim with the dolphins in the wild, not in pens or tanks.  There are fantastic wild dolphin expeditions and resorts around the world.  In fact a friend of mine was instrumental in setting this up with the Bahamian government years ago.  Choose an open water, wild dolphin swim and see what it’s really like.  Even Atlantis resort with their state of the art facility has “captive dolphins”.
  • Spread the word – educate your friends on dolphin etiquette.
  • Remember, dolphins may hold the stem cell miracle cure many are seeking!